Kidnapping at the aquarium

-Wow! Here we are! What do you think? Said George to his three kids and his wife Clara when they reached the main exhibit hall of the Aquarium.
It was a tall, dark room with a massive water tank with sharks and fishes of different kinds and colors.


-Hey, kids, a picture!

When George was trying to focus the phone camera, he noticed that Jimmy, the smallest, wasn’t there.

-Jimmy! he called.

-Daddy! he heard from ahead weakly

George saw a silhouette of a man grabbing a kid and running towards the exit.

-Clara, call the police, he said while running after the man.

But he disappeared with Jimmy before reaching the opposite side of the room.

George saw a service door just where his son had vanished with the unknown man and tried to open it. No way. It was one of that doors you can only open with a security card.

A security guard came.

-Sir, this is off-limits, Only for employees

-A man just entered here carrying my four years old son!

-That’s impossible. Calm down

-I can’t calm down. My son has disappeared. I was chasing the man who took him, and he vanished behind this door.

-It leads to a restricted area only used for the maintenance of the tank, said the guard.

Suddenly, people began to scream.

A scuba diver was among the sharks showing a giant banner with the legend: A MILLION DOLLARS OR I’LL THROW THE KID TO THE SHARKS.

Suddenly, somebody opened the door from inside and set free Jimmy.


Everybody was puzzled.

Another scream aroused from the crowd.

A second scuba diver had jumped into the tank. Soon he was fighting with the first one. He managed to disconnect the oxygen tank of the kidnapper and forced him to go to the surface. A shark bit the banner provoking quite a turmoil in the pool.
Meanwhile, the police and the security officers of the Aquarium opened the door.

When the police arrived at the maintenance area, they found two scuba divers with exact gear. One was the kidnapper and the other the hero. But how to say one from the other?

-Jimmy,! said George. He will remember.

When Jimmy saw Mark, his savior, he frowned. When he saw Bernie, his kidnapper, he smiled.

The police were about to arrest Mark when he asked Jimmy:

-Why don’t you like me?

-Because Bernie promised to show me the sharks very close, and you took me back down and didn’t let him do it.

#FFFC: 121

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  1. msjadeli says:

    An exciting story that had a happy ending. What more can a reader ask? Good job.


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