I just wanted to go home. I promise. After a hell of a day in the office, I was exhausted and needed a good rest.
Not so easy to find it in a house with four kids, two of them already difficult adolescents and a wife overwhelmed by her job and the situation at home, like me.
My boss had yelled at me for a stupid misunderstanding like he always does. He doesn’t know to talk like an average person. Only whispers or yells. Nothing in between. I can’t stand him. I was tired of him, tired of life when I arrived at the highway interchange. Completely distracted by my thoughts, I missed my exit. I tried to navigate the signs and follow the arrows looking for my way home. I even turned on my phone navigator. But the interchanger was too complicated for my state of mind.
I looked thru the window and saw a beautiful woman driving with the same tired expression as mine.
I gave a honk, and she looked at me surprised. I didn’t think twice. I mouthed to her: follow me!
And to my wonder, she did!
I forgot my exit and drove away from the interchanger and my neighbourhood. My heart was pounding. I took a road to a forest, looking at the rearview to see if the other car was still following me. It was. We stopped at a little Mountain Hotel just when the sun was setting.
The view was breathtaking, the air fresh and cold.
The woman came to met me and told me laughing:
-You are crazy!
-I think we both are, I answered
-A bad day in the office? she asked me.
-I suppose more or less like yours.
-What’s your plan?
-Have a quiet dinner and spend a night with a beautiful woman.
-What about the kids? asked my wife
-I’ll call Tom. He is always available to take care of them. They’ll enjoy a night with their favourite uncle.
-Perfect. Be quick. I can’t wait for our night.

FFFC: 128

6 thoughts on “The affaire

  1. Fandango says:

    A lovely ending. A romantic, spontaneous assignation with your spouse, away from the kid and the pressures of the job. Well done.

  2. Susan St.Pierre says:

    Sounds like the Pina Colada song. Your title was delightfully clever in setting the scene for your surprise! Wonderful story!

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      Thank You, Susan. This idea struck me when I remembered the many times I drove back home exhausted from my newsroom and I only wanted to spend time with my love.


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