Last on the card August 2021

This are the last photos I took in August

Landscape from Pamplona, Spain

Captured with my Nikon D5600 It’s not very good but as bushboys ask us it’s like I took it.


I took this picture with my iPad pro because I wanted to sell via internet the items that appear in it, and it was a success!

The featured image of this post is the previous to the last photo on the card of my Nikon D5600 and shows a view of the Cathedral of Pamplona, Spain

Last on the card

3 thoughts on “Last on the card August 2021

  1. bushboy says:

    I love them all. Don’t you hate it when those pesky branches sway in front of the camera. The church is spectacular and happy for your sales success, a great photo always helps. Thanks for joining in Olga 🙂 🙂


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