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I have been practicing my part to the exhaustion, but I’m a bag of nerves. The theatre is full tonight. The dressing rehearsal didn’t go so well as I expected. Everything has to be perfect. I sang with precision and put all my heart on it, because is a piece with a great personality. My movements through the scene without losing the rhythm: One-two Three-four-five, One-two three-four-five… And then, the french accent.

I can’t see the audience but I can feel all the eyes on me.

The orchestra begins: One-two three-four-five….

Its my turn: I began to dance and sing.

“Love is a rebellious bird

that no one can tame,

and if you call for it,

it’ll be quite in vain

for it’s in its nature to say no.

Nothing helps, neither a threat nor a prayer

one talks well, the other rests silent

and it’s the other one that I prefer

doesn’t say a thing, but pleases me.”

The stage is mine. I forget the constriction of the notes and the precision of the rhythm. I dance freely on the stage unaware of the other singers and actors, completely engulfed into the music of Bizet

I’m in character, enjoying every second.

“L’amour, L’ amour, L’ amour L’amour.”

Oh! Carmen! Nothing can stop you now!

“Love is a gypsy’s child,

it has never, never known what law is,

if you do not love me, I love you

if i love you, then beware!if you do not love me,

if you do not love me, I love you! but if I love you,

if i love you, then beware! “

I finish my last words with all the passion Carmen has inside her and end my performance sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage celebrating provocatively “L’amour”.

At first, I couldn’t hear a noise; I stayed still in my position, which was pretty uncomfortable once the music had stopped.

Then like coming from far away I heard the rumor of the ovation


Carmen has gone. Here I am, the shy, modest Lucy Dunant, with my cheeks red, back to reality, not knowing what to do, while people throw me flowers and applaud with enthusiasm.

My real love, Jim, is waiting for me quietly in my dressing room and we are common guys with average feelings. I like it that way.

In a few minutes, the music will transform me again and let me dive into a world of incredible gypsy passion. I will disappear and Carmen will win the game for the night.



  1. Fandango

    An exquisite interpretation of the image. We’ll done.

    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank You! I find amazing the magical power the music has. I’m glad you’ve liked it


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