-You’re gonna nail it, Kathy! Said Marcus.

-Are you sure this is a good idea? answered her nervously.

-You’re gonna have a job interview with the most significant publisher in the city, and you ask me if it is a good idea? You can’t miss this opportunity!

-But I was happy working from home for my editor and the kids are too small, They need me.

-What they need is a successful mom with resources to maintain them. They are already in school. You can afford to use your free time to develop your carrier. Don’t let pass this chance, please. At least try it.

-But we have enough money to survive. I’m happy at home with my job and my kids.

-Kathy, They called you. You are lucky. This is a great place, please.

-Since we are here and you drove me all the way from the city, I’ll go to the interview. But I can promise you nothing..

-That’s my girl! Go. I’ll wait for you down here.

Kathy take the elevator to go up to the 34th flat. Marcus didn’t kiss her to wish her luck. He was rather distant and somber since August. Then he revived when she received the call of the publisher offering her a job. He became excited and supportive.


The elevator arrived to her floor and interrupted her thoughts. She went to a reception desk and a nice woman lead her to a meeting room with big windows. They had breathtaking views to the bridge and the skyline into the fog.

-Wait here, mister McGuire will come in a few minutes.

Kathy sat down in a chair and look at the window. And there it was: on the bridge, her husband’s car going back to the city. He was leaving her.

She knew that moment was coming. She just would like to have at least a talk with Marcus about what had happened, why he was unhappy with her, about how they could worked together to fix that situation. But he was silent and absent and she afraid to ask.

She was still looking sadly thru the window fighting the tears filling her eyes, when she heard the door opening and steps entering the room.

-Missis Howard?

-Just call me Kathy, she answered before turning to confront the eyes of her new to be an employer. She didn’t know who he was at that point. Probably not Marcus’ Howard wife anymore, but indeed Tim and Rosy’s Mom. And she will fight for their children with all her means.

FFFC: 156

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