One slight difference

-What a beautiful day!

-Just like fifty years ago, remember?

-Of course, I remember Rob; it was our honeymoon!

-Poor Eli. I had no money we couldn’t afford a trip so we took our bikes and take a ride till we found the perfect spot to rest a little and enjoy a nice sight.

-Remember our hippy clothes?

-I loved the little flowers scattered over your dark hair.

-Now I’m a gramma with white hair, with no flowers

-Let me put this small daisy on your head.

-Don’t be silly.

-What would be happened to us without all those little silly things we have been offering each other day by day?

-We would probably get divorced like some of our friends, but we managed to overcome all our differences and crises.

-Because we kept coming here, where all began.

-To the source of our love.

-There is one slight difference.

-What it is, Rob?

-We are getting old. Now we need electric bikes to reach our magical spot, Eli

-We are lucky, Rob. At least we are together and we don’t need electric wheelchairs.

FFFC 163

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