Maja arrived home sad and tired. Tom was worried. They just had buried her dad, and she was devastated.

She had always been daddy’s girl. The one who followed his profession as a journalist, the one who always was drinking from his advice and making him accomplice of her confidences.

Tom knew he had to share somehow her heart with his father in law. But her love for him was different: he was his husband, the man she had found to be the love of her life. And for him she was everything.

This is why he was worried. She had been behaving strangely lately. Silent. No eye contact. Maybe too much pain for her. He didn’t know what to do.

She throw her purse on the couch and put out her shoes. Then, for the first time in days, looked at Tom’s eyes.

-I have to tell you something, she said.

Tom waited scared. Was she going to leave him?

-I’m pregnant! She told with joy but crying.

-I’m sad for dad and happy for us. I’m a mess, she added letting herself drop into the couch.

Tom was speechless. He simply embraced and kissed her.

-Now than I’m pregnant after ten years of trying I’m entitled to have a whim

-Whatever you want.

-Let’s watch my dad’s favourite movie, and have a good laugh.

-The secret life of Walter Mitty?

-But the Danny Kaye one

-With pop corns?

-You always read my mind.

And the day who began with tears of sadness finished with tears of laughter.

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    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      I’m Ok. Thanks for your concern. I have been just a little busy these last weeks. I hope you are doing great!


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