Sublime Architecture

I have been to Barcelona, Spain, and visited the Sagrada Familia Shrine, designed by Antoni Gaudí. A sublime architectural piece of art. The Shrine is still under work, but you can see its two main façades and the interior while they are building their magnificent towers.

Gaudí knew he would not see his main project finished because it is an enormous temple in the style of the old cathedrals and was constructed relying on individual donations. He died in 1926, and the people who are now leading the construction are hoping to finish it to the centenary of his death in 2026.

He was so innovative in his blueprints that now, with the help of computers and new technologies, they are being able to build what he designed a hundred years ago, inspired by nature, forests, animals, and the natural light flowing into the massive church thru stained glasses that tainted the interior with warmth colors.

I have taken some pictures of the details that impressed me.

The interior of the Shrine, a forest of columns and hundreds of windows letting the light in
How the color of one of the windows transforms the light
Lights and shapes
The morning sun illuminates all in blue and green
The afternoon sun illuminates all in red and orange

I’m learning to play the violin, so I loved this angel on the Façade

What do you think?

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