The wrong book

by | Dec 20, 2022 | challenges, fiction

Clifford had changed. Lately, he had been eluding her at school and looked gloomy, silent, and lonely.
Britney was worried. She dreamed of becoming his girlfriend. And everything seemed to go right, as she wanted.

Both were the top students in their class. In the beginning, they were competitors, but soon they began to look at each other from another perspective. She was beautiful, and he was attractive and funny.
She loved trending clothes; he was more sportive, usually wearing cargo pants with camouflage print.
She switched to his style to attract his attention. An it worked!

They spent a long time together, and she was happy until that strange day when Clifford wouldn’t speak after days absent. He was pensive and looked sad.

Britney asked him what the matter was, and he abruptly answered
-“You still think this is a kids’ game. You are so wrong.
-What is happening between us is not a game. I’m taking it very seriously, she said.
-It’s not us. Is society the world? Don’t you understand? It’s going to perish.
-What are you talking about?
-You won’t understand; leave me alone.
And he left her.

In the library

the girl followed Clifford to discover what he was doing and from where a so optimistic boy had fallen to such apocalyptic ideas.

He went to the Library and spent a long time reading an orange book.

Briotney waited, and when her friend was gone, went to the shelf where the book was and took it:. She read de cover scared “Do odio” was the title (About hate), and the illustration was a big knife ready to kill.

She began to read, and fear entered her mind. The author explained how to express hate thru violence.

Then, a sheet of paper fell from among the pages.

It was a sketch with Clifford’s calligraphy that contained a plan of their school with some signs and annotations.

Britney closed the book and began to run:
I have to stop this before the first stabbing.



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