The secret of the lake

by | Dec 27, 2022 | challenges, fiction

-How much time do you think we have? asked Rosy

-I don’t know: A week? A month? Answered Melanie.

They were sitting on the top of the pickup in front of a lake on a cold and humid day.

Rosy couldn’t face the lake and was looking at the mountains around the Valley.

-You’re sure nobody has seen us? she asked, worried.

-Nobody will suspect anything, don’t worry, reassured Melanie.

-I’m scared and tired.

-Really? I feel relieved. We are finally free. Watch how peaceful everything is here. No noise, no screams, and fresh air.

-I can feel a storm approaching.

-Maybe, but not will catch us.

-Let’s go

-Where? We can’t go back to the city. Not after what have happened.

-I don’t know. Somewhere far away from here.

-But You have to promise to keep quiet, said Melanie with a fierce glance.

-I promise! I promise! said Rose scared again.

-You better don’t go anywhere without me. Understood?


-Marty was a monster, and we had to eliminate him. It was a question of survival, don’t forget that. But nobody has to know what happened.

-Do you really think he wanted to kill us today?

-Oh yeah! This is why he brought us here to the lake. We were too old for him, and we were trouble. He exploits children, and we are way out of that market. Besides, somehow he discovered our plan of escape, I’m sure. And what were those chains in the boat in the lake?

-How did you get the gun?

-I stole it without him noticing while he was driving.

-And now he is the one killed, and now he is dead and sunk in the bottom of the lake with the chains tied to his legs. It makes me shiver.

-Don’t think about it. We are free. That’s what matters. Let’s go out of here.

-What about the kids?

-We will call the police giving the address as soon as we are safe.

-Promise me you won’t bring me here ever again.



  1. Fandango

    A chilling tale and very well written.

    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank You! I’m glad you like my stories.It means a lot to me. This time, It was the pond in the background what inspired me.


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