The cave

by | Jan 2, 2023 | challenges, fiction

Finally, the sun has risen. I can see now where I am. A cave at the shore of the Ocean. The orange light enters through the opening in the rocks as well as the waves. The concavity inside amplifies the sound of the water crashing against the stones in thousands of echoes.

I have to wait for the tide to go out so I can get closer to the mouth of the cave and see if there is a way to find help.

I try to get up, but my legs are like butter, and the pain is unbearable. So I sit down and watch the light shining in front of me, so beautiful and impotent to ease my misery.

I only can remember that yesterday I was sailing with John, Peggy, Francis and Marcus on a sailboat with a captain we had hired to take us to watch dolphins and hopefully whales. We brought our diving gear and played with the sea mammals on a great afternoon.

The captain, a dark guy, pretty nasty but cheap, had told us that it would be an unforgettable trip if we spent too much time swimming and diving. We could not imagine that he was going to leave us stranded. But he did so as soon as the waves began to stir.

It got dark. I lost sight of my friends. I passed out and woke up lying on these stones in the dark. Now I’m trapped in this cave.

When the tide lets me approach the cave entrance, I ignore the pain and go there only to see the immensity of the Ocean in front of me and a vertical impossible-to-climb wall of stone behind me.

Help! I yell.

But the roar of the waves and the wind drown out my scream.

I have become a castaway without any hope.



  1. Fandango

    Very intense. Will help ever hear his cries over sounds of the surf crashing on the rocks?

    • Olga Brajnović

      that will definetely help a lot if there is someone near.

  2. msjadeli

    Good luck in getting out of this seemingly hopeless situation.

    • Olga Brajnović

      That’s what I wanted to convey: a kind of hopeless nightmare that sadly becomes true.


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