Truth and lies (*)

-Why are you here, Igor? -I don’t know. I saw many people together looking at the same spot and joined the group to find out what was so interesting, Alex. -And did you? -No. the crowd doesn’t let me see or hear anything distinctively. -Have you asked around? -Yes, but everybody nearby has approached me out of curiosity. -Wait! We are moving. -You’re right! Where are we going? -How exciting! Let’s find out!. -I think I will leave and go back home, Igor. A crowd marching? Sounds like a demonstration to me. I don’t like it. -I’ll stay, Alex. I want to know what this is all about. -And be part of a demonstration about something you don’t know if you approve? It may get ugly. Remember, our country has forbiden demostrations. Who knows what the police can do? -Don’t worry, Alex,  I’m here at the end of this enormous crowd, merely observing. What can happen to me? I want to know the news for once by myself before I watch the story on the TV or my computer manipulated by the Government. -Your call, Igor.

That night at Tom’s home

“BREAKING NEWS”: A man died during a riot in front of the Government Palace. Thousands of demonstrators approached the building this afternoon aparently asking for a raise in minimum wages. It was suposed to be a pacific demonstration, but there were young rioters that clashed violently with the police armed with tear gas cans and other material. The police charged against them. That caused p a stampede of people trying to flee thru the narrow streets that converge in the main square, with the unfortunate result of 20 injured for trampling and one dead by crushing. The circumstance occurs that the deceased, identified as Igor Tomasek, was a young businessman, and no one can explain what was he doing in a forbiden demonstration of disadvantaged workers. The speaker of the government said that they think that Tomasek may be the instigator of the riot…
Tom turned off the TV, horrified, when the smiling picture of his friend appeared on the screen over the video of the black plastic bag containing his body on the street surrounded by police cars and ambulances. Oh, Igor, my friend, he thought sadly, you only wanted to know the truth and you died to become one of the lies you wanted to fight. (*)A Story situated in a fictional country without elemental liberties.

FFFC 213

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