Some strong blow

should have given you

this hard life

to rob you

your vertical figure.

While your brothers’ cups

point proud directly

to the midday sun,

Yours leans crooked and humble

towards the golden sunset.

Whatever was the reason

of your past fall,

It did not uproot your roots

grabbed firmly

on the land you love.

And although

it is more difficult grow up

with open wounds exposed

to heartless mockery,

upon achieving it,

you got stronger

and your shadow grew wider.

Do not cry more, my crooked fir,

those resin tears

of blood and regret

Do not cry more,

because with your inclined figure

you encourage the wandering walker

who has lost his way..

Your leaning silhouette

talks about the struggles

lost and vanquished

which make heroes

because there are also many of them

who die old and unnoticed

after drawing without pretensions

the most exciting epics.

© Olga Brajnovic 7-31-23

To a tall crocked fir tree in the Taconera park of Pamplona, Spain.

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