This year I decided to spend my vacation in Graz, Austria. I wanted to visit this beautiful city, go to Vienna, get to know their great monuments, attend some concerts, hike around and see nature wonders. 

But one can make precise plans, and life goes on with its surprises. Mine was a Pneumonia that sent me to a hospital in Graz for my entire holidays. I was eager to explore the art and nature of this little but immense, rich in history Country, and I finished exploring the wonders of the European medical system. 

But I’m in Graz and that’s different in many ways. From the panoramic windows of the living room close to my hospital room, you I observe a picturesque red funicular climbing a green mountain. 

Today is Sunday and I use to go to the church. My hospital has a chapel, they informed me.

When I opened the little wooden door that lead to the chapel I almost felt down: It was a church and what a church! A baroque temple with seven altars, plenty of sculptures and frescoes and an ancient organ that sounds like an Angel’s Choir.

It is what you have here, art everywhere. Even if you are secluded in a hospital 

What do you think?

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