The rumor of the waves

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Nature, our life, photography, Poetry

What has the roar of the sea

on a deserted beach

that suspends time,

wash away the sorrows

and lulls the soul?


Under its spell,

the mind seems to breathe

following the rhythm of the deep lungs

of that imposing greatness

that comes and goes without resting.


No music has been written

that equals its powerful balm

over the lost spirits

that run along its shores

or ply its waters.


Maybe it’s the force

of its magnificent depth

that approaches in foam

to wet our feet

and sink them in the sand.


Maybe it’s the echo 

of millions of voices:

The ones of those 

who have lived or perished

loving or hating its waters.


Maybe it’s the sudden vision

of the tininess of our personal stories

in the scene of eternity

we glimpse while standing

before opening horizons.


What do you think?

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