Icy tears

by | Oct 24, 2023 | challenges, Poetry

I went to the enchanted forest

dancing and wandering without worries.

I fell asleep in a soft bed of spruce needles

while the evening was still warm,

and woke up in the middle of the freezing night

with my back aching

and my eyes shut with icy tears.

The green dome that had lulled me before the spell

had become a harsh ceiling of white knives

that threatened to fall on me and tear me to pieces.

The cold gripped my veins and chopped my brain.

A patch of deep blue sky revealed the full, clear red moon,

like a jewel in the velvet gloves of a queen of yesteryear.

I felt like singing a lullaby.

And a howl came out.

Long and lonely.

Like the wolf who I had become.

©text: Olga Brajnović

©photo: Sean Pierce

FFFC 239


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